Water-based lubricant with Omega 3

ISO13485 and 510k FDA Compliance

Sex Toy Care & Anti-Bacterial Spray


Incredible. Silky smooth lubericant and no sticky feeling on me or my toys.


Best water base lube for sensitive skin! My body reacts to everything and this lube finaly allowed me to comfortably enjoy sex. Thank you.

Sierra G.


Why Water Based Lube with Omega 3?

You will find that our water based lube is the best for sensitive skin and works great for use with sex toys or partner play. We use natural glycerol from sea kelp which has the added benefit of nurturing Omega 3 for the skin. This formulation is natural and inexpensive, yet silky smooth and healing. Condom safe formula lubricant.

How to Clean Sex Toys and Why?

Great sex toys are an investment in pleasure. Different adult products offer different pleasure profiles and orgasms. These high tech items will last longer if you clean them and store in a cool dry place. Antibacterial spray is secondary measure to ensure your sex toys are hygienic and ready for use. We use it on our phones and glasses for frequent reassuring cleanse as well.

How Much Lube Should I Use During Play?

Water based lubricant will absorb into your skin, as you go you will need to reapply. When first starting a play session with a stroker, dildo or partner apply more freely at first and then add either some drops of water, drops of saliva or drops of more lube. You will consistently be applying as you go and will get used to your application amount for your body.

Why Can't You Ship Lubricant Everywhere?

Our water based lubricant cannot be imported into Australia or India because of the nature of liquid products and shipping regulations.

Is Gleam FDA certified and what is ISO3533?

Our products are manufactured in compliance with ISO13485 and have 510K filing with the FDA. Look for compliance with new ISO3533 standards for safe sex toy design with our other sexuall wellness brands, theThruster, Lacier and Voila.

Lubricant & Sextoys Cleaner

Discover our Gleam water-based lubricant & Glisten sextoys cleaner.

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