10 Water-Based Lubricant Uses

10 Water-Based Lubricant Uses

10 Ways to Use Water-Based Lubricants

When you hear the "phrase water-based lubricants" what comes to mind? The uses of lube are limitless, Gleambody has assembled our top 10 ways to use lubricants. We hope that this list might inspire you to try using our Gleam lube for play..

1. Use It When You’re Alone

Water-based Lubricant Uses







Have a bit of personal time on your hands? Ditch the chemical-scented lotions and the silicone-based lubricants and treat yourself right by introducing water-based lubricants into your masturbation session. Did you know that using silicone-based lube can actually harm your beloved sex toys? Using silicone lube with a silicone dildo could degrade the surface of your toy and leave it vulnerable to bacteria accumulation and those chemical lotions can have harsh consequences on your skin. Talk about ruining the experience!

2. Intimate Massage 

Sexual MassageBody Lotion isn't the only game in town for a massage session. Did you know that if you use water-based lubricants for that personal message there are multiple benefits?

  • Water-Based Lube will not stain your sheets
  • Easy cleanup
  • Low cost
  • Lotions can lead to skin irritations and reactions, worry less by using lube
  • If the personal message becomes an erotic massage you already have lube at the ready

3. Take Foreplay to Another Level

Water-based lubricants can enhance foreplay for any gender, sticking with a water-based formula vs silicone or latex makes it extremely friendly for sensitive skin. Heat things up with a bit of fingering or slippery Handy J on the way to O town.

4. Enhance Oral Sex

Water-based Lubricant Uses

Cottonmouth and oral sex, a problem that has plagued intimacy for ages. Use a water-based lube to get things flowing again!  Put lube directly onto the penis at the shaft and stroke up while using your mouth on the tip to get things started. 

5. Vaginal Sex

Enhancing vaginal sex is one of the primary reasons you would buy personal lubricants. You can apply lube directly to the vagina, or you can apply it directly to a penis before insertion, to soothe any friction or irritation.  It is also safe to apply to all sex toy materials.

6. Anal Sex

Water-based Lubricant Uses

Lubricant is a must-have for anal sex, throw away the thoughts of utilizing saliva to lubricate your anus. The anus does not have a way to naturally lubricate so it's up to you! Our philosophy with lube and anal sex is you can never use enough, apply liberally for optimum enjoyment.

7. Use It With Your Sex Toys

Sex Toy Lube

Using lubricant with your sex toys probably seems like one of the most obvious uses. Lubricant and sex toys are an essential pairing.  Always apply lube when using a sex toy. Just make sure you’re using a water-based lube and stay away from oil-based lube.  Water based lube washes off easily from toys, sheets, and your body - oil-based lubricant does not. No more baby oil.

8. Make a Condom Better

Everyone knows that you can apply lube to the exterior of a condom, but did you know you can put a few drops in the inside? Condoms should not detract from the sexual experience, a few drops in the condom and it remains an effective contraceptive but the pleasure will be enhanced. Oil-based lube will break down a condom completely..

9. Stimulate Erogenous Zones

Water-based lubricants are not only for intimate parts but other highly sensitive parts of the body, this can heighten your erotic experience. Certain areas like feet, neck, ears, nipples, and even the back of the arm. Stimulation of these zones can not only arouse your partner but can even lead to orgasm in some cases. Work these simultaneously for better play.

10. ASMR

Water-based Lubricant UsesHave you ever tried ASMR? ASMR is essentially getting personal attention which triggers a reaction called "the tingles", Using lube to generate certain sounds and visuals can aid in achieving "the tingles". Use water-based lubricants to safely lube various items to achieve different sliding and gushing sounds or even apply some lube to your partner's skin and lightly blow providing a tingling cooling sensation.  A must try with your favorite partner.