Anal Masturbation for Women

Anal Masturbation for Women

 No Prostate, No Problem: Anal Masturbation for Women

Ladies, are you looking to treat yourself to a bit of fun with your backdoor? Well look no further Gleambody is here to give you all the critical information to make your anal masturbation session the best it can be. You might already know that men benefit from prostate orgasms through anal penetration by hitting the "P Spot". A little lesser known factoid is that anal masturbation for women is triggered through the "A Spot".

What is the "A Spot"?

The A-spot, or for you biology enthusiasts known as the anterior fornix, is located deep inside the vagina, The A-Spot is actually around 5 or 6 inches in. This zone is an area filled with erotically charged nerve endings that induce orgasmic sensations very quickly! These sensations feel like intense waves of pleasure that begin deep inside your body and radiate through the rest of your body. Basically, an "A-Spot" orgasm becomes an entire bodily pleasure rather than only region-focused.

Tips for Best Anal Masturbation for Women.

We here at Gleam have come up with some of our top tips to make the most of your pleasure session. Everyone is different and always be sure to stay within your personal comfort levels. Remember this is supposed to feel great, if you feel discomfort you should stop what you are doing and reassess your tactic.

1. Hygiene is King

anal-masturbation-hygieneHygiene is so important when considering any sort of penetrative anal masturbation act. Even when playing solo, cleanliness is still of the utmost importance. No one wants to be exposed to germs.  And after a long day, masturbation is a great way to destress but first here are a few tips. First to make sure that your personal hygiene is at the appropriate level, so clean and prep. 

  • Take a relaxing shower: Not only is it a great idea to scrub the grime of the day away, it's also a great staging area to set the mood. Dim the lights, run some hot water, and take a few extra minutes to unwind and prepare for a bit of self-exploration.
  • Consider trimming or shaving your pubic hair: Exploring a clean smooth workspace with a soapy finger is a great warm up. As well, trimming your intimate parts can aid in keeping your play area as clean as possible. We all know that hair traps odor, so best to keep it to a minimum.  
  • Trim your nails: We have all scratched ourselves or been scratched during playtime at some point, it's not a pleasurable experience. Scratches internally would increase the potential risk of a transmitted std during subsequent partner play.
  • Wash your hands- It's always a good idea to wash your hands immediately before your anal masturbation session and as needed during play.
  • Clean your Sex Toy Beforehand- Before you ever penetrate yourself with a sex toy, whether a dildo, an anal plug, or a hardcore fuck machine it's always important to sanitize your sex toy with an anti-bacterial spray. We personally recommend our anti-bacterial spray Glisten but even warm soapy water for up to 20 seconds is useful.

2. Set the Mood with Your Surroundings.

anal-masturbation-for-women-moodYour immediate surroundings can have a huge impact on your arousal level and general mood. Let's talk about a few things that can help set a certain amount of ambiance with a goal to create a hyper relaxed personal environment.

  • Lighting: Dim the lights, and set an intimate mood by creating a warm environment with dimmed lights or your favorite candle. You can even take this to the next level by throwing a colored sheer material over your lamp to completely mood light the room. Personally, we recommend red... everything looks sexy under the red light glow.
  • Privacy: Feeling secure and comfortable is so important to reach a level of relaxation for solo anal masturbation. So throw a lock on your room door for extra security. Are you vocal when masturbating? Try a bit of soundproofing so you can be your best-uninhibited self.
  • Clean Environment- Clutter and mess are a proven distraction and a source of stress for countless people. Counter this by tidying the space up a bit so your mind can be on pleasure and not the pile of laundry in the corner.
  • Use a Mirror- Anal masturbation is all about self-exploration and pure pleasure. Being able to see what you are doing with a standing or wall mirror can be both a turn-on and aid in self-fulfillment.

3. Use Lube

anal-masturbation-for-women-lubeListed as number three but quite possibly the most important, use lubricant. The body doesn't naturally create anal lubrication so the responsibility is completely up to you. We strongly recommend using water-based lube like our specialty product Gleam, with Omega 3 from Sea kelp, perfect for sensitive skin. The pros of water-based lube are numerous including but not limited to;

  • Safe with all sex toys, unlike oil and silicone lube. Water-based lubricant will not ruin your silicone sex toys. Water-based lube is also a breeze to clean off any material of sex toy.
  • Will not stain fabric, water-based lube is totally washable out of fabrics. No more oil or silicone lube stains on your fresh sheets!
  • Safe to use with condoms, if you are opting to use a condom with your dildo in order to switch from vaginal to anal or vice versa. The best option is a water-based lubricant. Oil and Silicone will actually break down the latex in the condom and cause them to break.
  • Keep it bedside for easy reapplication as needed.

4. Take Your Time

anal-masturbation-for-women-relaxThis is a marathon, not a sprint ladies! Patience is key to the best experience. Start externally, stimulate the exterior of the anus with your finger to start with, or if your sex toy has a vibration setting stimulate the rim of your anus to start the mood. The key to success is working your way up to penetration, resisting the urge to just plunge into pleasure, and really enjoying the experience building to penetration.  

5. Treat Yourself with Foreplay

This goes hand in hand with taking your time, but take it a step further. Are your nipples sensitive, you get the chills from light fingertip touching. Trigger your other erogenous zones to achieve an intense climax. Nipple play is the perfect secondary erogenous zone to stimulate with a lubed up finger while enjoying an anal plug like Reverb.  Don't be afraid to involve all parts of your body that you gain pleasure from, remember nobody knows your body like you!

6. Focus on Breathing

anal-masturbation-for-women-breatheHave you ever tried to meditate? One of the main practices of meditation is a calming focus on controlling your breathing. Practicing diaphragm breathing, can help aid in relaxation and greatly helps with pushing yourself to pleasure limits.

7. Try Micro-Movements

Not every movement needs to be an exaggerated motion, in fact, smaller movements are best when learning to discover yourself. As you gain comfort with micro-movements, you can go harder and faster... before long you will be ready for a hardcore sex-machine.

8. Switch Up Positions

anal-masturbation-for-women-positionsJust as every woman has some sort of preference for positions involving vaginal masturbation, anal masturbation is no different. Here are a few positions to try out.

Doggy style

Assume an all-fours position on your hands and knees.

Reach one arm around behind you.

Use fingers or toys to massage or penetrate your anus.

Alternatively, fasten our suction cup dildo to the wall and back up onto it.

On your back

Lie on your back.

Bring your knees to your chest.

Place a pillow under your lower back to raise your hips for easier access.

Reach your arm down and around toward your anus.

Stimulate and penetrate to your liking.


Lie facedown on a bed.

Reach your arm behind you and rest it on your back.

Reach your hand down toward your anus.

Tease and insert your finger or toys at your leisure.


Attach a suction cup dildo to the seat of a chair.

Face the chair and straddle it.

Hold the back of the chair for stabilization.

Lower your anus onto the dildo at your own pace.

Ride the dildo.

Advanced Anal Masturbation:

Find your "A Spot"

Curve your fingers into a hook shape and insert them an inch to two inside the vagina. Once you feel the spongy tissue (that’s your G-spot), push your fingers up another two inches and that should be the A-spot. Experiment with different speeds and angles of movement to determine what works best for you.

Double Penetration

What's better than satisfying one hole? Satisfying two holes! Combine your anal play with some clitoral or vaginal stimulation to take a magical trip to O town.

Get Hardcoreanal-masturbation-for-women-walter

If you're experienced with anal masturbation and enjoy it, maybe try upping your game and join a more hardcore customer base. Try Walter, the ultimate anal fuck machine. This toy is not for the inexperienced, providing up to 140 thrusts per minute... if you are thinking of going hardcore here is where the journey begins.