Gleam, water-based lube for Sensitive Skin


Water-Based Lube with Sea Kelp-Based Glycerol with Omega 3

Gleam is a water-based lube with sea kelp-based glycerol.  This organic formula is excellent for skin that is prone to dry irritating conditions. The sea kelp provides Omega 3 from the ocean plant which soothes and softens, reducing sensitivity.  

  • Great Sex Toy and Masturbation formula. 

  • Natural feeling and non-greasy. Male stroker friendly

  • Sex toy friendly.  Can be applied directly to silicone products to increase pleasure. 

Below we reference applications for men and women separately for SEO purposes only, the application really applies to the two anatomical choices alone.   The product is unisex by design.

Best Lubricant for Sensitive Skin

Formulated using a pure sea kelp plant source of glycerol and Omega 3. This premium lubricant brand is designed to provide a silky smooth and comforting glide with no sticky or tacky residue.   

Gleam is a sex toy and masturbation-friendly, condom compatible, and easy to clean after.  Just apply and play!  Use water drops to lighten it further and make your lube last.  Check our blog for tips: 

How to Apply Lubricant for Females

For female use, we recommend applying lubricant with your fingertips first around the clitoris below the pelvic bone, and stroke the lube down both sides of the labia.  With your finger(s) gently stroke the material from the top down.

Additionally, apply some lube to the entry surface of the sex toy product.  Distribute it equally around the area and gently introduce it to the vaginal area.  If you feel resistance or discomfort, apply an additional amount until there is no uncomfortable friction.  Continue to apply during intimate sex or play liberally as needed.

Natural lubrication supplement increases pleasure and eases vaginal and anal penetration.  Avoid Dryness symptoms which include itching, burning, irritation, soreness or pain with penetration and insertion of pleasure products. 

Any severe symptoms should be shared with your physician.  

How to Apply Lubricant for Men

Apply to the inside of your stroking hand, inside fingers, start with maybe a nickel or 10 cent franc, apply with your fingertips directly to the bottom of the mushroom tip, or glans, then pull your stroker down the shaft and twist with your handsome to spread the lubricant around the entire circumference of your penis.  Start to pull your stroker toy down on your shaft.  Apply more lubricant as needed until you can comfortably pull your stroker toy down the shaft of the penis. 

If you feel you have used too much apply a little water to dilute by dipping fingers in water, a few drops only at a time.  If you wipe off with a towel and need to go right back to it, start with a few drops of water to reactivate the lubrication that's there and start over.

Safety and Risk of Use per ISO3533 for Safe Sex Toy Design 

The product complies with the quality standards for medical manufacturing ISO13485 and has a 510K.  ISO 3533 is a new quality standard that we are working into our quality system.  

As such we define this product as a level 1 product in our quality management system defining it as a very low risk of use and very low incidence of occurrence type product.

Safe to use and apply liberally.  Rinses off with water, do not ingest.


INGREDIENTS:   Water (Aqua), Sea Kelp-based Glycerol, Cellulose Gum, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

It's natural for lubrication and dryness to vary, Unisex lubricant should be used for comfort and pleasure reducing dryness. 

WARNING: Do not use if the quality seal is broken.