Glisten, Sex Toy Cleaner


How to Clean Sex Toys.

The best sex toys are the ones clean and ready for play. 

Why Clean Your Dildo?

All adult luxury products should be cared for, which means cleaned and stored in a dry, temperate space.    Quality sex toys represent an investment in your own sexual wellness.

Check where to store your sex toys which will give ideas on where to keep or hide your best dildos.

Steps to Clean your sex toy, in General.

Step 1 

Disconnect power or remove batteries, ensure inside is completely moisture-free before installing battery and closing for storage.   The better you care for your rechargeable sex toy, the longer it will last.  How to Clean Sex Toys

Step 2   

Rinse in warm soapy water and rub surfaces with your hand to clean thoroughly.  There is no substitution for this step, clean them so a friend could pick one up and not know where it was after breakfast.

Step 3   

Let dry naturally in a cool temperate place if at all possible.  If discretion is a concern, a lint-free towel like you would use on your computer monitor will do the trick

Step 4   

Spray with Glisten and store in a cool dry place.  If your product came with a carton or bag it's a good idea to use it and a great way to not lose the charging cord.  

Link blog for more detail on how to clean your sex toys.

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